Massimo . Nalin

In his works, the artist Massimo Nalin, who lives in South Tyrol, reconciles the deliberately thinking with the sensitively perceptible. It is important for him to develop a personal growth, which in the creation and processing of his paintings experiences a concrete, picturesque form. In this way, images are created with strongly luminous color niches, which he conceives as a mirror of his souls' landscape.


The meditative-inspiring mood of his angelic images is clearly visible in every single work, for the artist is concerned with the emotional touch through his paintings. Each work by Massimo Nalin makes the viewer understand the philosophical dimension, where the unspeakable takes a picturesque form.

"Since my youth I have devoted myself to painting and artistic creation.


"Very early, I began to deal with a variety of materials and to gain an understanding of their work. The last 25 years I produced works of art with different and extraordinary materials.


In Italy, France and Germany, I was able to learn the craftsmanship of the plasterer, the processing of plaster and stucco marble as well as the restoration of old stucco ornaments in prestigious training centers and under professional guidance."


"I feel what I feel as a result of painting, and it doesn´t need any words, I leave to the viewer the freedom of his thoughts."

Massimo Nalin.


Art is the ability to trigger feelings at his viewer.


"In the process as an artist, works were first created with an explosion of colors in the foreground, and one day I heard an inner call, following the inner voice, a creature appeared on the canvas without facial features with large wings, powerful and with the ease of a feather.  This etherealness being whisper me his story!


The sight captivated me, I was deeply touched! Since this magical moment more than 15 years have passed, in which I was allowed to paint hundreds of images with angels embedded in souls landscapes. When I stand in front of an empty screen, there is no intention in me, it only counts the connection as living antenna with the universe, my hand becomes the instrument to express wonderful "soul landscapes".

Massimo Nalin.


This condition can not be expressed in words, but it is certain that painting is a deeply forgotten meditation, accompanied by a great creative process.

"The more I find myself, the more profound is my creative process." Massimo Nalin


Personally and also in connection with the place and with the people with whom is worked together, inspiration is created, which shapes the future.


And so every piece of art is a symbiosis between Massimo and its environment. Immerse in the wishes and expectations of clients. Immerse yourself in the unique combination of creativity, spontaneity and uniqueness of each work.


Everyone has a gift on earth. It is a wonderful adventure to discover this gift! "I am happy and deeply grateful to share my gift with my fellow men!" Massimo Nalin


Educational facilities (craftsmanship of the plasterer, the processing of plaster to stucco and marble as well as the restoration of old ornaments) were and are in Italy, France and Germany.


The future vision for the coming months is very clear and is characterized by current orders. In addition, there are always requests for exhibitions, which are currently being implemented internationally, depending on the possibility. 


March  2017                meART Biennale - international exhibition of modern art

                                      at editerranean area of Palermo.


October 2015               Exhibition in Modena Culturale Turistica - Caffe

                                       Concerto Bassa Emilia Romagna in Concert-

                                       Work with AMACI Ass. Musei Arte Contemp. Italiana


March-April 2015        Exhibition in New York - Agora Gallery - Chelsea

                                       learn more



September 2014          Exhibition in Strasbourg - Palais Josephine / Orangerie



March 2014                  Exhibition in Karlsruhe - ART Karlsruhe


Member of German artists' associations

Artists' group EKABA

ARTverein ART Baden-Baden

76473 Iffezheim-Sternenstr.17 (Germany)


Member of the French Artists' Union

Les Montmartrois en Europe, Paris


Member of the Austrian Art and Culture Association


Member of KITZ ART,

In the Gries 21 - 6370 Kitzbuehel (Austria)

Donation to charitable associations for charity events

- Hospital Bolzano, Department of Hematology


- South Tyrolean Cancer Aid, Benefizgala


- OEW Organization for a solidarity world



"It  is  art  when  it  arouses  deep  feelings."